Now it’s no secret that I am implausibly obsessed with Billy Talent, this album preview was bound to happen, and a review will follow after the official release date of their upcoming album.

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 13 years, Billy Talent are a Canadian punk rock band who have been together longer than you’ve been legal. Admittedly they don’t have the highest of profiles, but that’s not deterred them. Now on album five, their ever growing fan base is eagerly awaiting Afraid of Heights.

They ran head first into the music scene in 2003 with their self-titled album Billy Talent, captivating the minds of teenagers and adults alike with their single Red Flag. If you haven’t heard it... what the heck were you doing with your life when you were 14? Wait, don’t answer that.

Billy Talent marked the start of their self-titled trilogy, where their notorious angst-ridden lyrics reigned, with a healthy balance of sad, angry and catchy songs; you honestly couldn’t go wrong with these three albums. Well, we won’t mention Diamond on a Landmine. Though every album has a filler track that nobody really likes, so one song from three albums is pretty impressive.

Their fourth album Dead Silence marked the end of an era, their music grew up a bit, basically. They left behind the angst of Billy Talent, and replaced it with well, a different kind of angst. It’s not as adolescent, it’s still very anti-establishment what with the likes of Viking Death March and Surprise Surprise. They could hardly write songs bitching about their exes and love gone wrong, when the majority of them are now married.

You know a band is worth sticking with when they can evolve their music, it’s almost like the music grew up when the band did.  Afraid of Heights is not the second part of a trilogy, I thought I’d clarify that. The album is out on the 29th of July, and I’m sure I am not the only one who’s excited for it. In the meantime, they already have two singles out: Afraid of Heights and Louder Than the DJ.

One of the main things you have to keep in mind when it comes to music is that every single person interprets it differently. You may think that the meaning behind an album is one thing, and it will mean something completely different to the artist. But that’s the beauty of music, it’s immortal. It means everything to one person and nothing to the next.

If you want an official insight into what Afraid of Heights is about, then read this:

“This record is about struggle. Both within ourselves and in the society we live. It’s about asking questions, it’s about friendship and loyalty. And it’s about choosing not to accept things that don’t apply to us, that don’t represent us. It’s about believing in the person that’s reflected in the mirror and taking responsibility. It’s about the pressures that society creates and how we’re all trying to figure out where we fit in. it’s about following your dreams and knowing that when you get knocked down you have to get back up. It’s about listening to our planet and learning to respect her. It’s about love and loss and life. And more importantly, it’s about the power of rock and roll.” - Ben Kowalewicz 

Published by Daisy Cooper