It’s been over 4 years since I got my very first binder. I loved that it made me look pretty flat, and start to have the chest look that I was meant to have. I loved how they could come in different colours and sizes and types, and how I could wear shirts without having too much bulge on display. After the first year though it started to go downhill from there. My injury I had to my spine started to affect me. Before I managed to live with it, but as I was loosing weight, I noticed that the fat that was once padding my back, was no longer there. The binder was actually affecting my fucked up disks in my spine. I had to go back on painkillers again. Not exactly fun times. Now most people who have met me, also know that I don’t exactly have a small chest. I have massive tits. This has meant that my tits have been actually crushing my chest in the process to have my tits not be on display. It has affected my breathing, I’m asthmatic and it kills first thing in the morning. I’m not saying this to terrify trans masculine people out of using binders. THEY ARE ESSENTIAL FOR SOME! I’m posting this because I do not blame the binder for these reasons why my body is fucked now. I blame the fact that I was screwed over twice on my funding. I blame the fact I should have had top surgery well before all these medical issues were to happen. Sometimes yes I wore my binder a few more hours than I should, but I did everything that I was supposed to. I made sure I had rest days, I only wear it when I have to. Unfortunately time was a factor in how my body coped and the amount of time I have had with binders has brought my old injuries back. I suppose what I’m trying to say to guys out there is to please look after yourselves and to pester your doctors about getting top surgery if you feel like that is the way you would like to go with your transition. Also shop around for binders. Because whilst some companies might be good for some, they might not be good for you.

Published by Tyler Austen