As I mentioned at the start of the video, it has been a while since I’ve posted a video, which I apologise for, but then again those who are following me on DeviantArt would have seen the reason for it.

After not really having a selection of videos to choose from, I tried to record some new ones, which didn’t work out so well because I haven’t had a chance to write out anything for them so it kind of had to be improvised more than half of the time, not to mention that I didn’t really have a lot of time to film any in the way that I would have preferred to. For that, I also apologise deeply for, but once again, do not take the blame for because I have been busy as hell the last month.

Having always been a fan of bloopers – for the simple fact that they are hilarious – I decided to take some old and new videos and grab the bloopers that I could find between them. You know, for such a short video, the file size is almost ridiculous and that’s for an old editing programme. Maybe that’s why it’s like that, I’m not really sure.

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