I am one of those people that is in the middle of at least 12 different series. I find these books that sound so good, and even though I know that they aren't all out yet I just feel like I have to have them. One at a time. It's miserable. There are times where I don't know if a character is dead or alive. Or moments where it looks like a beloved character is about to make the biggest mistake of their lives. I get to those instances and then BAM, I have to wait another year to find out what's next. I really need to only start series that are already completely out to avoid this waiting and heartbreak.

So I am here to help you avoid making the mistakes that I did. I am here to help you find the series that are worth binging (because sometimes drawing it out is juts a little more fun, lets be honest). So...today's binge-worthy series...

The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Here's the synopsis...The book takes place in Ravka, a nation that is torn in two by the Shadow Fold. In this fold there are unspeakable monsters who dine on the flesh of humans. Not exactly a pleasant place to be. Insert Alina Starkov, a young girl who is not good at anything at all. I think she kind of defines what it means to be an absolutely average person. Until she discovers her gift. She finds she has a power; a power that could be used to save her country. Upon finding this out she is taken to be trained as a member of the Grisha. The leader of this group is none other than the Darkling.

So begins Alina's story of heartache, betrayal, and discovery. For a full synopsis of the first book, Shadow and Bone, head on over to Goodreads.

I need to be honest with you, this is a series that I did binge. I wasn't planning on it by any means. I didn't even have all the books right away. But a friend of mine urged me to just read all 3 of them at once, and I have no regrets. I honestly don't even know how people survived reading this book as each part of the series was being published. It would have been agony.

Here's a little bit of the review that I featured on my blog, Midwestern Book Nerd.

Basically this series is everything I ever wanted. It was a trilogy I needed. I think the last trilogy I was addicted to was the Scarlet series by AC Gaughen. Yes, these are very different, but the fact that you only commit to 3 books is pretty awesome, and this one was just as addictive as Scarlet.

So, what did I love about this series….

  • Each book continued to get more interesting and intense. I have heard people talking about book series suffering from middle book syndrome, but this is not that series. Each book continued exactly where the last book had left off, and you were only sitting in suspense and agony when putting one book down to pick up the next. I love when a book series can pack that into each and every piece of the series, and continue to make the reader want more. Throughout the series there was a lot of action, epic battles, and twists that you didn't really see coming. The plot just moved right along and took you with it. I love when a book, and it's entire series, can transport a reader and keep them there until the very end. I was stuck in Ravka until this sucker was finished. 
  • Alina was fantastic. I wasn’t so sure about her at first because she was so scared of everything. She whined a lot about not knowing her place in the world, but eventually really came into her own. I loved watching her grow and develop as she continued to discover more about herself and as she realized that she is important. Yes, she made some questionable choices, but I think that we all would if we were in her situation. In the end, I loved the person that she became.
  • Each book added fantastic characters who quickly became some of my favorites. Yes, there were characters that had me raging, but there were also characters that I found I really enjoyed. Each book came with a batch of people that just made sense. I laughed with them, I cheered for them, I mourned the lost lives (yes, people die in this trilogy…it happens I guess). I was always excited to see what (and who) each new book would bring. And each addition really helped guide the direction of the story and Alina.
  • The romance was crazy good. It would have me crying tears of joy one minute and then tears of betrayal the next. It was all over the place, and there were so many moments where you figured it wouldn't happen and you would need to move on, but they kept on fighting. Yes, there was a slight love triangle, but it really all depends on how you read it. I was instantly setting up camp in one corner, meaning the other side was just an obnoxious distraction. This was a romance I was cheering for the whole way through, and it wasn't a sure thing. It was definitely a romance worth all the heartache, trouble, and tears.

In the end, this was a series that I fell head over heels for. The world was amazing, and I just found myself living there and waiting to see what would happen with Alina, Mal, and the Darkling. This is a series I highly recommend, especially if you are into fantasy and want to get lost in a beautifully crafted world. All 3 books are out, so you can easily jump from one to the next. But I hope that you make plans so that you don't have to go anywhere or do anything until this you are finished. I was fortunate enough to read it while I was on spring break but I know this is not the case for everyone.

Go out and read this series! And then look into her other duo-logy taking place in this world...Six of Crows!

What's a series that you think is worth binging?

Published by Emily Nelson