If you're anything like me you probably spend a lot of money on beauty products. And if you're even more like me you probably spend it on beauty products you already have. I don't know about you but I find myself falling for gimmicks and clever advertising most brands use. I have many a time bought a primer claiming to work wonders then realised I have one in my makeup bag which works just as well and does the same job. It got to the point where I couldn't afford to keep doing what I was doing.

So when I came across Birchbox I thought it was a brilliant opportunity ti try and cut down on my spending. It is £12.95 including P&P and you receive five tester size products and one full size. The sizes for the testers do vary depending on what you get e.g you will get more in a shower gel than you would a primer.

"What could go wrong?" I thought.

So far... Nothing.

I subscribed in August just in time to receive the August box. I presume there is a cut off point on ordering for whether you get this months or have to wait till next. During that moth I only bought my essential products that I needed i.e. shower gel, deodorant, shampoo etc. so as you can imagine I was excited to receive my order. When it arrived I ripped open the packaging like a child on Christmas day, to find a makeup bag. Not the usual box I was expecting. Upon further inspection I learned that this was a one off offer, a treat for you if you were going on your holidays. I was chuffed to bits with this as I had been looking for a new travel makeup bag. My old one didn't fit all of my makeup in. I use Chanel powder and bronzer and these come in quite large pots, not that I carry loads of makeup :S

Inside the bag was:

  • Marcelle Waterproof eyeliner - I had the choice between the colours Espresso and Purple (I picked Espresso)
  • Philip Kingsley dry shampoo
  • Notting Hill perfume tester in the fragrance English Laundry
  • Anatomicals In the Buff Body Scrub
  • LED Gade Lipgloss
  • Balance Me - Congested Skin Serum


What i liked is that I'd never used the products before and some of them felt a little more high end than what I usually use. For example I use Batiste Dry Shampoo. I don't use it a lot so it lasts me ages. The Philip Kingsley dry shampoo was definitely more high end than Batiste and you could tell that in the product finish as well. The firs thing I opened was the perfume tester. I love new smells so I always tend to go for the smellies first. It smells lovely but I recognised it as the perfume I already wear, Giorgio Armani, Sí. It wasn't exactly the same but it was very much like it. I looked online to see how much a full size bottle would be and it is £59 for a 100ml bottle so if you are looking for a less expensive dupe I suggest you go and have a whiff of this. I haven't used the tester properly yet, I like to save them for nights out that way I can top up while I'm out without having to lug about a massive bottle in my bag.

I used the Marcelle eyeliner the day after. I usually wear a vintage cat eye using liquid eyeliner and I'd been looking for something a little different., not different from the cat eye but colour wise. I saw something online a while ago about wearing a brown eyeliner to give a more natural and subtle look so this was perfect. I couldn't get the flick on point, I tried to persevere but it just wasn't happening so I went with just a line. No flick. It didn't wake as long to do as it does with a liquid liner so that was good but I still prefer my usual black. It was a lot better on the water line, you usually get a more dramatic made up look with a black eyeliner something which I did when I was younger, so the brown is nice for subtly lining your water line.

The skin serum came in handy as I had just started to break out on my chin a couple of days before the box arrived. I can't tell you if the serum was any good as I only used it a couple of days, the spots did seem to go but I don't know if that was the serum or if they went naturally, it did smell really nice though, very lemony. I love lemon! The taste, the smell yum...

And as for the shower scrub and lip gloss when don't they come in handy. The lipgloss came with a mirror attached to the tube which was really good and some kind of strange light coming from the top for when you put the lipgloss on. No idea what is is meant to do but hey ho.

So all in all I do believe it is definitely worth the money of you already buy a lot of beauty products. You are paying £12.50 for six items (five travel size). Which would probably cost you a lot more if you were to go into a local Boots and buy the same size items (usually in the travel section) thats even if you can buy travel size in some of the things Birchbox sends. If you don't buy a lot of beauty products I wouldn't bother because you're going to have a lot of needless products arriving. But if you do, get your self onto it.

It's exciting wondering what's going to arrive and opening the box is like opening a gift from yourself. 

Get saving money and go treat yourself.

Love Nicola. xxxxxxxxxx

P.s This months box arrived yesterday and I am really impressed with whats come through.

If you would like to know more about the products in this months box leave a comment and I'll get back to you. 




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