At this time of year Christmas songs are on the radio, on PA systems in stores and even on TV shows.  Many of the songs we hear talk of holiday cheer, Santa and and the winter season.  Many of them are wonderful songs.  I just wish we would hear more Christmas Carols, those wonderful songs that tell of the birth of Jesus.

    Biblical scholars seem to agree that Jesus was probably not born on December 25, but it is the date we have chosen to celebrate His birth.  If we are to celebrate His birth then that is where our focus should be.

    If you went to a birthday party for a friend, you would not go on about how nice his house was, how nice your trip was to get to the party, or focus on the other guests at the party.  Your focus would be on the birthday boy.

    If we are going to celebrate the birthday of Jesus at this time of year, then our focus should be on Him.  His birth was not the same as any other birth in history.  His birth signalled the coming redemption of mankind.  Take some time to read about his birth in Luke 2 and see how the angels celebrated that wonderful day.

Published by Ray Richards