Yesterday I turned 20 gah sounds so old, I am no longer a teenager even though I still feel about 16 ha! I love seeing what people get for their birthday which is why I thought I'd make a post about my birthday presents! Some people would prefer to open loads and loads of presents on there birthday but I'd much prefer receiving one special present which I can keep forever!

From my family I got given the Cartier Love wedding band in yellow gold which I am utterly obsessed with its so so beautiful and just a classic piece of jewellery that will stay with me forever. The wrapping and boxing of this gift was incredible, I may do a separate post on the packaging as I took pictures step by step!

My boyfriend got me the CELINE knot cuff in brass gold and my god i love it's so simple but beautiful! He also got met two Jo Malone gifts but I will talk about these in another post! This year i got spoilt to say the least and am so grateful! 




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