Birthdays. What even are they? 

Ok, ok, so we all know what they are, they are simply the anniversary of the day you were born. Yet, some people celebrate them every year and some people discount them entirely. Some people have birthday weeks, some people pretend it's not happening. Now, I have to admit, I'm the kind of person who would do a Nearly Headless Nick and have a death day party as well if I could. I love any old excuse to get the gang together or, similarly, make a big fuss of someone I care about. 

Usually I go all big art attack on my birthday. I pick a theme, make some lists, make lists of my lists, create a mood board and start rigging fairy lights like I work at the O2, turning sheets into art installations and throwing glitter at things and screaming 'is it Pinterest enough yet?' I like to make an atmosphere, something people can enjoy and will remember... gosh, can't you tell I grew up in the theatre?

However this year my heart wasn't in anything. I suddenly had the horrific thought that maybe I was in fact "growing up". I know, growing up. It's a terrifying concept. I am addressed by some of my friends as Peter Pan and many acquaintances don't know my real age, only being able throw out haphazard guesses based on my love of bad dancing in public and high levels of fan-girling. That's how grown up I am. Yet, as I approached this birthday, I was struck by the conundrum: is my mid-twenties time to buy a gravestone for my youth, get a briefcase and start adulting full time? 


However, it is time to take things into consideration I had never thought about before. My lacklustre approach to events was validated by a friend who put out the notion that "birthdays don't really matter." Which really is true. Some cultures and religions don't celebrate them at all and never have. What they actually are, the anniversary of your birth, doesn't really matter. Really what is being celebrated is you as a person, who you have become and what you have overcome and achieved. It's not really celebrating the day of your birth, but it's sort of saying, "yay, you survived another year!" 

It's still an excuse to treat yourself and get your friends and family together, to celebrate the people you have around you, the things you are thankful for. So if you don't feel like celebrating the last year, you don't have to. Whilst you should be able to do that all the time, get your friends together whenever and celebrate the small things, sometimes it's nice to put a date to it. It helps to organise yourself. I live and die by my diary... maybe I am growing up after all... just a little bit.

What's your opinion on birthdays? Do you keep it quiet? Prefer to lavish other people with attention? Have a week long celebration? Throw yourself a parade? Let me know!

P.S. I went with an 'IDGAF' theme in the end, which reflected my current thoughts on birthdays wonderfully and I still got to get arty. To have a look at my own blog post about the party theme here's the link: How to| The Bluntest Birthday of Them All

Published by Kate