First of all, I know that everyone has different experiences, maybe some that I have experienced are things that you havent or will never experience or vice versa. However, being a part of the LGBT community means coming out every time you meet a new person and some WILL have comments that you will not appreciate or say a few stereotypical things about you.

Here are some of the things that I and some people I know have experienced:


  1. The never-ending question of would/have you ever done a threesome? This is always at the first 3 questions when telling someone my sexuality!

If you are a female, the odds are a straight guy will be asking you this with an intention to actually ask you to do it with them!

Personally, I no longer get as annoyed as before when asked this question anymore but it can get annoying if asked on a bad day. So Ive come up with a few ways to deflect it with: I would do it, I love watching guys make out and do it! or when Im just not bothered yes but not with you. or Sometimes a plain old no is okay, I just like being a smartass. Anyway, do expect this!


  1. Its just a phase. Yes, you know that it is not a phase and it can get annoying when they tell you that its just a phase but this may come up sometimes. And its okay. Just explain to them how you feel!


  1. Who do you like more? Boys or girls? Just say both! Its all different for everyone, some would like boys more or girls and it can get confusing to them if you say that you like one more than the other, just do you best to explain it to them!


  1. Why cant you just choose one sex? Simple answer, bisexuality! Some cant seem to understand that bisexuality literally means being attracted to both men and women there is no option!


  1. When dating someone


  1. (Of the opposite sex) So are you straight now? It was just a phase?
  2. (Of the same sex) So youre completely gay now?
  3. (Either one) dont you miss the other sex?
  4. (Either one) are you sure you can stay loyal?

Its not easy and its not a great feeling when your sexuality and/or loyalty are questioned but it can happen sometimes!


Whats important to remember is that its not easy to understand something that you have never experienced. Be patient when asked these questions because its not limited to just straight or gay people asking you these questions. Just help them understand what youre about!