Hey readers! So today there are many different types of sexuality, or I guess now we have proper names/identification and explanation for most of them. Sometimes, it can get confusing. Personally, as a bisexual woman, I find it confusing as well! But what I do know about is what bisexuality really is.

Up to this day, people would still say silly things like 'oh, you're just confused' or they would tell you that it's just a phase, or once you've chosen and ended up with someone they might say so you've been gay/straight/lesbian all along you were just experimenting or you've finally chosen what you sexuality you really want.

This is not what is happening!


So what does it mean if someone identifies as bisexual?

Regardless of who we date, we are still bisexual. Whether we date someone who is of the opposite sex or the same sex, we don't become straight or 'completely gay' for the time being. We are still bisexual.

A straight person would date another person based on their personality, once they developed feelings for someone that person becomes even more attractive in their eyes even if another person would say otherwise. For a bisexual person, it's the same thing. We develop feelings based on someone's personality. The only difference is that we are open as to whether it is a boy or a girl.

Someone who is bisexual is not necessarily "50/50".  Not all bisexual equally likes both male and females. Some would prefer dating females more and others would prefer dating males more. It does not make a person 'gayer' or 'more straight' they are still bisexual.


Yes, we do have the option of dating a boy or a girl but just like any other person with their own sexuality, we cannot choose who we fall in love with. It would save us a lot of judgment from others to date someone of the opposite sex but if we are in love with someone of the same sex, well it's exactly the same as when a straight person date's someone else while they are in love with another person. It's hard and the odds are, it won't work out because the feelings are not there.

Finally, bisexuality is not about exploring your sexuality. People who are just curious or experimenting does not necessarily count as bisexual. People who participate in threesomes does not necessarily count as bisexual.

People who are bisexual are those who are attracted and could fall in love and have a (romantic and sexual) relationship with someone regardless of their gender.

I hope this provides more insight as to those who are curious as to what bisexuality really is or to someone who is confused about their sexuality!