Talk about sweaty. No glowing, no perspiring just sweating. One of the things I take pleasure out of while traveling is realising why exactly I love where I live (no I'm not homesick I'm not a pussy). In this particular case, I love that it takes a long run to make me sweat profusely, unfortunately all it takes here is me lying in shorts on my bunk. Bring on 10 weeks of constant dampness, come at me bruh

 I met my two friends in the hostel and gave them a very sweaty hug, yum. They took me for curry and cocktails, non-sarcastic yum. But then that age old thing called jetlagged kicked in. Sleep? What is that? I don't need it? Or apparently my body thinks I don't. I am one of those people who not sleeping drives me insane. For the two weeks of my Alevels I sat up most nights with my hero of a mother drinking hot chocolate and watching old re-runs of How I Met Your Mother - unfortunately that wasn't an option for me so I ended up amusing myself watching all the rather inebriated individuals return to my dorm. Oi I just arrived don't call me a slacker for not going out. 

I did a classic Rhiannon on my first day actually on land in Thailand and went crazy. We did the city walking tour which covered a whole load of temples - supposed to take 3 hours it took us 6 - we liked the pretty wats ok?! We started at Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace. So incredibly beautiful it is not a place to miss. Yes it is super expensive (£10 jeeez I know), yes there are so many tourists but it's the Grand Palace!!! There is a reason everyone goes. It is a must. We then went on to Wat Pho, smaller but still gorgeous. Don't not do the Grand Palace but I do actually prefer Wat Pho. Although just around the corner and only £2 there was barely anyone there making a nice, peaceful atmosphere. We then hopped on the cross river ferry to Wat Arun where we found pink pomegranate magnums - that was my lunch. Getting my five a day in for sure. But we arrived at Wat Arun to find it covered in scaffolding so we quickly got the boat back.

The next day was a lot calmer, we went to the Jim Thompson House museum full of  beautiful art work. We then decided to go to a nearby roof top swimming pool for the afternoon. Obviously my tan is already looking incredible. I wish that was the case but unfortunately tanning is not my forte. Seriously I feel so pale out here!! In the evening we went to skybar to celebrate Katie's birthday, I have never felt more out of place. It was so swanky, everyone was dressed up and looked so fancy, and the drinks were insanely expensive. I mean stomach churning my so but you're paying for the view. It was so beautiful. I never thought i could describe Bangkok as beautiful but apparently now I can. The view was unbelievable. We then finished up the night by hitting up the cheap stuff on Khao San Road. From the sublime to the ridiculous, the night could not have been more contrasted. Let's just say this morning we do not want to catch our bus. Nuh uh we're totally not feeling it. 

Over and out for now 

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