For all the things I do wrong in life (they are a whole lot by the way), for all the deadlines I miss, for all the tasks left unticked, how have I managed to survive in this life with all the horrible things I’ve done (and keep doing)? I must really say that I have become the proverbial cat with nine lives.

Despite my irregularities, I do have a few “sacrosants”. Allow me share them with you…

1. Bitterness is worse than anger. Worse because it is suppressed and internal. What kills a man? The things that emanate and reside on the inside. Where does bitterness dwell? Yeah, inside!

2. Bitterness is deadlier than hatred. Hatred is noisy, bitterness is always on stealth. The things that take down a man never announce their intentions, it’s always the empty vessels that make the loudest noise. Noise isn’t something that can be attributed to effectiveness.

3. One of the ways I survive is by viewing bitterness as a baggage. I can’t harbour bitterness not even in its purest form (it doesn’t have a purest form though). That way, nothing eats me up from within.

4. It’s easy to say stuff like: “do away with bitterness”, “don’t let that stuff dwell in you” and things like that but the deal is in implementation. So what did I do?

5. I found substitutes. I founds things that drive away bitterness in me. One of such things is food. Let me reiterate that bitterness doesn’t just appear on the scene like Thor. It starts with a bad mood, degenerates to sadness and maintains its metamorphosis. So once I sight a bad mood lurking from afar, I immediately look for something to munch. With each munch, the feeling gets eroded.

6. Negative vibes breed bitterness. And people bring about negative vibes. So I let people off the hook. When I see someone doesn’t want my progress or feels we are in some sort of competition, I withdraw immediately. I don’t have strength. If it would mean reducing my circle to the barest minimum (there is no minimum though, you can be a circle of one), so long as I push all that negativity faraway. Bingo! OMG, you have no idea how toxic people can be, you don’t need all that toxicity.

7. In the Bible, the story is told of how a young David chased evil spirits away from Saul just by singing. Don’t under estimate the power of music, which is why you must be careful what you listen to. Music has the power to overwhelm, listen to the right ones, and your spirit will be lifted.

8. Sleep. Sometimes, all the theories in the world won’t be able to help you, so what do you do? Sleep, when you wake up, you’d be better.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Published by Miracle Roch