So the journey began, on Wednesday the 6th of July it was time to head to the airport – if anyone ever told you that following your dreams is an easy thing to do – they can simply go take a hike, because in real – It is most definitely the most challenging and heartbreaking thing to do.

I always used to love airports, just knowing that all the people around you are venturing out into the world, some on business, some taking trips of a lifetime, some coming home to loved ones, until I turned back and looked at the heartbreak I was causing at that moment and the heartsore I was feeling. Seeing tears on the faces of the people you love, it’s not just something us human’s can just “deal with”. And although you know you will see them all again, time is a powerful thing- and you never quite sure of when exactly you will cross paths again. Little ones grow, your parents don’t stop aging, your grandparents speak words that make you think, and friends are there but things can change.

Following a dream is not something for the faint hearted, but at the same time – the amount of courage, strength and and power you gain by the challenges pretty much turns you into the strongest person you could possibly be. Its been two days, and it feels like it has been a lifetime.

But let me tell you, this post is not all about the negative – I feel something magical coming, I just thought I would share my journey from beginning to end, so you too – can take that leap of faith, and know that in the end everything turns out just the way its meant to be.

Before our journey started, we ran into some major obstacles. Finances never worked out the way we wanted them too, we had jobs lined up but that too was not exactly what we wanted. We really want to teach in the same school and make a difference in the lives we were coming into contact with – we had no set plan but knew this was exactly what we wanted and needed to do.

I have never been a religious person, and in that I mean I have never been someone who goes to church every Sunday, or who spends time reading the Bible. I believe in a higher power, and to be honest I really do think I believe there is a God, but most of the time I find myself turning to the universe – who I see as my God.

However, I had some insane experiences in my last couple weeks before leaving. I came across people in my life who had blessed me, I am guessing they are angels sent to me, but they know who they are and I thank them with every bone in my body. In two weeks being exactly R10 000 below budget of what we expected to save, we were blessed with that exact amount – some might think that is absolutely insane, and too be honest if someone had told me the same story a couple weeks ago I would have thought the same.

Everything fell into place, and we were ready.

The trip to Thailand was smooth, although we had quite a few stops – everything went well, no delays, no issues and the flight felt pretty quick to be honest. When arriving in Bangkok, we needed to take an express taxi to get to the other airport as we were meant to catch a flight from there to Satun, where we needed to be for our day camp the next day. Needless to say, our arrival in Bangkok was delayed, as well as our luggage and the que at immigration was completely over bored. We took the express taxi to the other airport, and missed our connecting flight, which of course was the last flight out that night. At about 10pm, in a country we had never been to – with people who cannot speak a word of English we had to find a taxi and a hotel for the night.

The next bit of bad news was that we would not be able to do the English Camp the next day, which would not only give us some experience, but we were so excited to work with the little children of Thailand and teach them what we know best – to teach English. Something that is extremely necessary and important in the Thai culture for their futures.

At the moment, life felt just a little to overwhelming. We traveled across the world with a plan, and yet that plan fell to pieces in less than an hour of arriving.

We checked into the hotel, with hearts as heavy as a two ton shipping container. Until we received a phone call from the beautiful lady in Thailand who had been helping us all along. They were buying us a new flight first thing the next morning so we could still attend the English day camp.

We had two hours sleep and headed off the airport at 5 am the next morning, things seemed to be running smoothly again – we made the flight, arrived on time and had a very friendly face who met us at the airport and drove us 2 hours to the school where we were doing the camp.

Goodness, the experience was incredible. These little beautiful people could not speak a word of English, what a challenge – but seeing their gorgeous smiles after a long day of learning and teaching was more rewarding than any salary! Liam was freaking out so bad before the camp that I didn’t think it would work, and then I watched him flourish. Everything came so naturally to him, there was a light about him I have never seen before and the children attached to him like something you see from a movie ! It’s was absolutely incredible !

We headed to a hotel after the camp in the capital of Satun, it was nothing like we expected. I mean we never expected it to be all shits and giggles but we are currently situated in the middle of nowhere, the closest beach is around 2 hours away, there is nothing here other than the local people that live here. We actually had our first view of the ocean today on route to the camp and it reminded us how important the ocean was to us. There are barely any propper toilets, only in the hotels. I had to pee in a long drop with no toilet paper, because the majority of the population here consists of the Muslim religion, they only have stingas in all the public bathrooms. Something I certainly need to adapt to. Last night was bad, I had a moment of weakness and fear – luckily I am blessed with the absolute best partner who is always the strength , even if he pretends to be ! We woke up feeling very uneasy, not knowing our plan, not knowing where to next , not having a job and a limited amount of savings to keep us going !

A very special angel gave me something to read when I left cape town and I happened to read it today, it really spoke to me! Today we had a good day, we feel positive, we have spoken to some friends in Thailand and have some positive things going, we took a walk through Satun and realised it’s not all that bad ❤

We are not quite sure what our next step is, but we are good! We know we will be taken care of and we have a support system big enough to keep us going through anything we are about to experience !

Keep following our crazy journey to see where we end up next 🌸

Published by Bianca Bonarius