‘Black Beauty’s story, as told by himself, is the fascinating tale of the life of a horse a hundred years ago, when horses were a part of daily life.

Although his early colt-hood is happy, Black Beauty later tastes the bitterness of cruel handlers and indifferent masters as he passes from hand to hand, progressing from the country to London and back again.’

I have mixed feelings about this book.

For some reason I went into this book thinking it was a middle grade classic, so I was shocked by the darkness and the suffering in this book; it is definitely not for the overly sensitive reader. I came to realise fairly quickly that this is more of a young adult read then a middle grade read.

I was excited by the fact that the story is told from the viewpoint of the horse, but for some reason I just couldn’t love this book. I think it is because I felt at times, like I was reading a horse ownership for dummies manual instead of a novel.

While the book is short, it did take me a bit to get into it but once i sat down to read, it didn’t take me long to get through it.

I didn’t have any issues with the actual writing. It was beautifully and took on a real gentle quality towards the end of the story which I really enjoyed. I felt like all of the best this about this book came towards the end.

The gentle writing, was accompanied by some beautiful moments of empathy and comfort which did help to alleviate some of the darker moments from earlier in the story.

I am glad that I read this book, and I understand why it is a classic. I would just be careful about allowing someone too young to read this story.

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is a classic book that you wont regret reading.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker