Hello everyone!

Recently I decide to do something new and different from my other posts. For my outfit I chose black boots, black T-shirt and some light blue denim shorts. You may wander why did I wear boots in the Summer? Well the answer is none other than, it looked cool in my head and as planned on these photos too, thanks to my dear friend and photographer Bojana Krejić. Also, I’ve seen many similar photos on We Heart It/Tumblr/Instagram, obviously. Then, I decided to recreate this look and give it my personal touch.

The thing I like about this combination is that it’s a bit edgy and maybe even grunge. Black T-shirts have a habit to make outfits look that way and that’s one of the reasons why I have 6 of them. This T-shirt particularly has a really cute quote ‘J’aime la vie avec toi’ which means ‘I love the life with you.’ And the font is really nice – which is my obsession. I’m not weird, I swear.

These boots were great choice after all, even though that day was so hot, but they were very useful because of the location of this photo shoot. The grass couldn’t be any bigger and cars were passing by in little pauses so after a few photos we would jump in that grass. It was quite fun, I admit. A big thank you for these boots. (They may have saved my life, from bugs.) Oh, and yes, they’re so cute. Cowboy-ish. Or pirate-ish. Hahaha, I’ll stop. Love these small belts on them and also full heel that makes me sing ‘These boots are made for walking’. 

There’s one more thing that’s also different and that’s my hair. For the first time ever, I curled my hair, just kidding I have done it before, but I have never made a blog post with such hair. Shocking, right? I always thought it doesn’t look pretty on me, but I guess I was wrong. What do you think?  



Published by Borka Šaula