Black Box

Cassie Leo

Mikki Gladstone has made the decision to end her life when she flies to LA for an “interview”. It won't be her first suicide attempt, but she's decided that she doesn't want anyone to be able to find her, so she leaves a note and heads off to the airport. Unfortunately for her, the flight has been cancelled due to the weather, so when the mysterious stranger, Crush, asks her to go to lunch with him, she goes. Crush gets the feeling that he knows her from somewhere, but he can't remember. When he does think he remembers, he can't be sure unless he sees her chest to find out if she has a tattoo there.

Mikki refuses to go home, so she and Crush get a hotel suite together. When she falls in the bathroom and knocks herself out, Crush breaks the door down, and upon see her tattoo, knows she is who he's been searching for for three years. They're forced to have a lot of hard talks that are extremely eye-opening to one another. Over the course of a few days, Crush makes it his mission to give Mikki something to live for again. Can he accomplish his goal? Or is Mikki going to be forever haunted by her demons until she ends her life?

Standalone New Adult Romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

***This book deals with sensitive topics and can be very triggering. There is a rape scene (not extremely detailed, but regardless) and a scene of her cutting. TRIGGER WARNING. Please use caution in reading if you are easily triggered.***

I love when books have hard topics such as depression, bipolar disorder, self harm, etc. Black Box deals with a handful of them, and I think Cassie did a wonderful job of handling it. I do wish Cassie had included a trigger warning. A few of the scenes kind of sneak up on you, and it can catch you off guard.

Regardless, this is an extremely raw and powerful book about overcoming mental illness and finding love in the midst of crippling pain. I highly recommend this book. It's definitely one I will be reading again.

5/5 stars


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