Is it a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black?!

No fridge, no microwave, no TV, never mind, camp life at Pune during intense summer was hassle free and fun with simple living. On the one side, cannot imagine life without smartphone, computer and net connectivity.  On the other, a fridge can be replaced with this humble, cost-effective clay pot to quench thirst. 

With the onset of summer @ 40+deg. at camp Pune, keeping water cool was this 'Pinglee' paanai, (Pinglee=name of the clay with which it is moulded and pannai=pot in Tamil). Taste of the water stored in this pot had gone up by several notches.   Each glass of it mingled with that special earthen-clay smell, made drinking cool water a pleasurable experience during hot summers. Simply divine.

This picture also shows some bare necessities to rustle up a decent meal with bare minimum of kitchen gadgets and tools.  Not preferring much of 'outside food'.  It was pure fun for 7+ months at Pune, India.



Published by Astro Maha