The turkey's been eaten. The dishes are washed. The football game is over. The tryptophan begins to set in.

Do you head out to begin your Christmas shopping on the eve of Black Friday?


Do you settle in for the night and enjoy your family on this day of thanks?

I'm not saying one way is right or wrong. I'm merely curious as to what inspires people to do one option over the other.

Myself, I've done both over the years, although I've taken my family with me as I've gone from store to store or stood in long lines waiting for some precious treasure that was all the rage. It was actually fun and exciting to do with my family in tow. As soon as the thick morning paper arrived, stuffed full of Black Friday flyers, we combed through each one making our plan of attack. Then there were other years we stayed in watching movies, playing board games, and eating until we couldn't eat any more. Both were equally enjoyable.

So, I ask how do you celebrate? What is it that drives you into the cold seeking the latest craze, or what keeps you home safe and sound away from the crowds?

No matter what your answer may be, I hope everyone enjoyed a thankful holiday.

Published by Kay Daniels