I refuse to continue to scroll down Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and read the opinions of others without me voicing my thoughts when after all I am a blogger. 

Yes, I am furious with the killing of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile by police officers. I think this one woke me up because Sterling was killed in my home state and the city where I attend school. It breaks my heart to see that my brothers are murdered over and over again. These men are fathers, sons, cousins to someone, and I can only imagine how their families are dealing with the situation.

It even makes me more worried about America when I read the things that blacks say to blacks and whites say about blacks when these killings occur. One of the main things that have touched me was the BLACK LIVES MATTER vs. ALL LIVES MATTER argument. Here is my take on this and I DO NOT argue with anyone; I am always down to hear individuals' opinion. How else will I grow as a woman? 

BLACK LIVES MATTER is an activist movement that first appeared as a hashtag due to the Trayvon Martin case. The movement became nationally known after the killings of African American men and women by police officers. BLM does not mean that ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER. We are aware that ALL LIVES MATTER! The ALL LIVES MATTER hashtag was not created as an activist movement; it was created because people felt offended about the BLM movement. Can black people get a freaking break? Why steal our campaign and turn it into yours and then make us look bad for saying that Black Lives Matter. The all lives matter campaign could have had a different name and a different motive other than to prove to black people that we are not the only individuals who matter.

Also,  just because all lives, in fact, do matter, does not mean that all lives are treated equally. Many can say black people are playing the victim card, but honestly, I will never speak on something I have not experienced. I've personally have met my battles with racism and no matter how much help I tried to get, the "law" could not "help" me. So my friends, please do not justify the unlawful killing of my people, but instead empathize with my people. 

I would love to see good police take a stand, and I would love for whites to take a stand against police brutality. Because all cops are not bad cops and all whites are not racist, but staying quiet about these situations breaks my heart. There weren't just blacks marching with MLK, but many whites lost their lives walking on his side, and they were fearless and ready to stand up for what was right.  Yes, some cops and whites have spoken about the situation, but very few to none.

As to my BLACK people, PLEASE STOP ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER. Fighting on social media is not going to stop the fact that they are shooting our people down every day. Please wake up my people. Join a protest, sign petitions, boycott,  start a support group, educate our black communities, or speak about it on social media without bringing each other down. 

I love you my black people, we are beautiful, strong, our culture is like no other. We were built to lose but destined to WIN. Stay rooted my black people, stay educated my black people. Know that we cannot be mocked, we cannot be broken. I LOVE US MY BLACK PEOPLE! 

-GOD BLESS, A message from a fearless BLACK WOMAN

Published by Jazmine Staten