Black lives matter, more to the point all lives matter, all cultures matter and all of us are in this together whether we realize it or not. The heartbreaking incidents that happened recently to two of the most sweet-faced boys I have ever seen are only a reiteration of hatred that have been thrown at the black community for not just the past few years but for generations.

I have never understood the hatred that people, especially white people, harness within themselves towards African Americans.  Unfortunately, what’s been going on for the past few years with white cops randomly shooting young black men isn’t being addressed because it still continues and nothing really seems to be done about it.

I believe the reason this continues to go on is because no one is addressing the disease, we are all seeing the symptoms and in our own way fighting against those symptoms but we are not addressing the root issue here.

It’s not just happening to the black community either, there’s the Muslim community, the LGBT community and countless others that are experiencing hatred and fear being thrown at them daily; but today I want to fully address what’s happening to the black community because it is an issue that is very close to my heart and because by addressing this issue directly I will also be addressing the whole of all hatred that is occurring in the world and in America today.

I am a culturist, I love all culture and I believe without one culture all other cultures wouldn’t survive. I also believe that we are all part of the human race, we are all one and we are all brothers and sisters and the disease that separates us, that’s causing us to act out in hatred towards one another is the real issue that needs to be addressed here.

First off, I have to ask certain questions like, why are these cops so afraid of young black men? The energy I feel in the most recent situation that occurred and others like it is one of pure irrational fear. It’s as if these white cops believe for some insane reason that black men are loose cannons waiting to go off and they are just going to randomly pull a gun on them for no reason at all.  Or is it because of their own ignorant shame and fear towards the black community that they choose to shoot first and ask questions later? Where did this fear come from? It’s as if they are being conditioned and taught that black males cannot be trusted and they must fear them and if that is the case where and why is this happening? Who is teaching them this and where did this fear get started in the first place?

Also, I have to question the police force itself; they give psych tests to all officers joining the force so is deep-seeded racism not included on the test? Is that not an important factor? If it isn’t it should be. it should be one of the main things they ask before hiring someone to “protect and serve”:  are you a racist or are you afraid of black people? Or any other ethnicity for that matter.

How can someone protect and serve a community as a whole if they fear the very people they are supposed to be protecting? The fact that a person would shoot another human being based on the color of their skin is pure insanity and they need to have their heads checked in my opinion, and why aren’t they? Why are these men not being evaluated for insanity? Why are they not being sent to the psych ward? How can we see these acts of violence as anything other than pure insanity?

These are questions that need to be answered, that need to be addressed but even still I feel we all need to go deeper, we need to wake up and we need to address the real issue here.

Buddha said “Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering.” This is the entire premise around which Buddhism and the Dharma practice was built, this is the disease, the root cause of all this hatred and fear – ignorance.

We need to address the ignorance in which we all live, the ignorance that is causing this fear and hatred to occur; this is the root of the suffering that is happening to the world.  Each of us has a responsibility within ourselves to address our own ignorance so we can take steps to relieve the symptoms that are occurring in the world, in America and towards our black community as well as all others that are being persecuted.

We cannot fight hate with hate; we can only cure the disease by looking at the root cause of the disease itself and working on that within ourselves and within our communities.

My daughter is mixed, her father is black, half of her family is black and they are the most generous, unconditionally loving people I know and I refuse to have my daughter grow up in a world where ignorance and insanity reign supreme.  This is unacceptable and it should be unacceptable to all of us.  Let’s all work together to wake up out of our ignorant states and spread awareness and enlightenment, let’s make a commitment to stop this hatred with the only power that is strong enough to stop it and that my beautiful sisters and brothers is Love. 

Love is the only thing that can stop this hatred and this fear and it starts with each of us; mass consciousness is a powerful thing and I believe if we all choose to love, to expand our awareness and we did it together we could stop these terrible things from happening.

I am sending out all my love and prayers to all of you especially those of you who have been so deeply hurt by these tragedies, you are in my heart.


Published by Katie Smith