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Have you ever tried your hand at writing a poem? It’s not easy. Even if you have a set form, like a haiku or a limerick, sometimes the words just won’t come to you. I found a form of poetry that provides all the words-you just have to put them in the right order! It’s called Blackout poetry.

Blackout poetry is fun and fairly easy to do. Have a newspaper lying around, a book you don’t care for, or want to recycle that beloved, crumbling copy of The Hobbit? Using a marker or a pen, you can black out the words you aren’t using, cross them out, or even doodle over them. Some people even use paint. Watch these videos here or here, or read more about how to make your own poem here. Try it for yourself! Below are some examples that I have composed.




“Sense in men and women never did exist.”


Hope lets the almost empty fight on.”


“He could feel the fire. Her smile was flirtatious; love was ablaze.” 

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