She had a fascination with the blacks, whites, and grays of the world; she would rather see the vibrant colors of this life faded away to their simplest form. The absence of color, while depressing to most, exposed life in its truest form. It showed harsh lines and soft gestures. It showed the love in someone’s eyes and the simplicity of the complex patterns of life. She would say, “The contrast of dark and light shows the true emotion behind something – or someone.” Life is a lot simpler in black and white; at least in black and white she can’t see the blues and reds of the pain she’s suffered. It mutes the color of his eyes that she used to be so in love with. Now they’re just gray circles surrounded by white, sunken into the face that she wished she could forget. The scars on her arms fade into obscurity, her eyes were no longer rimmed with red. The days were easier when things weren’t screaming at her in blues, oranges, purples and pinks. When the world is simplified to gray hues, it seems to hurt a lot less.

Published by Jordan Terry