Many of us have heard this statement as it is very popular among guys saying....
Girls are great at erasing their love memories!!
Which is a big trash I can say...
Being girl I know how special we feel when we are in love.. May be successful or may be not!
But the feel it leaves is so high....That can’t be expressed!
I agree faults happen as we are normal human but I really don’t understand why guys always brand girls for it..
Usually love may happen between any two anytime...May be in first look or after more..
They would have started directing one plane but later circumstances might have landed them different!
As we never know how life takes on.....Which is so uncertain!!
Separation can also happen due to wrong mapping...Which is very obvious...
After being for some time, both the parties may feel the gap of thought and opinion making!
So at every phase of life, it is common to feel the change....Some of us gets along the change though it is hard as not to miss their love/lovable being bonded for so long..
Whereas others feel it better to part ways instead of taking worst out of their relation...
I highly recommend them to act wholeheartedly as we have only one life here...Make most of it!!
Girls can be the reason equally guys can be!
I personally witnessed many of my girl buddies in pain by losing their best half’s for notable reasons..
And it’s not that easy to make as we think it is...
They almost felt like done for life!!
But still take time to think....As we are brought down for some purpose, please head your path to find that!
Probably you may find your next someone special as life has to move on!!
We never know when and where the life showers its magic on us...So don’t be passive!! Keep running with the time!!
And guys my sincere request is please don't flag girls as the only reason for failure....
Be open to facts....
One last thing I want to conclude with is...Everything should happen at proper age, we find many guys and girls falling for their mates at tenderly age with a high chance of wrong taking!
So my dear buddies....Take time as we have enough to experience all round!
Be patient and open enough to receive most adorable piece of human..

wishing everyone love filled life :)

Published by Pranavya Mandapati