I was watching TV on one of those rare quiet days at home, literally home alone, when the  sight of a blooming hibiscus on TV, gently dancing in the breeze, transported me back to my childhood.

And this is why;

I grew up in a  not so planned neighbor-hood. No paved streets or well-tended lawn.

Seemed like everyone grabbed a bit of earth and pitched a tent. 

Most times, the day is over even before it begun. But then when summer rolls in, I get a taste of a  little bit of heaven in a lone-ranging hibiscus tree that blooms all summer by my window.

I don't know who planted it or how it got there but it was a gift i cherished.

It added color  to my bit of earth with its pretty shade of pink.

Which is why no matter where I am , or what am doing, when I glimpse that  pretty shade of pink; It takes me back in time to quiet afternoons, bright sunshine, gentle breezes, chirping birds, giggling
children and dancing blooms of hibiscus.

What's your blast from the past?

Published by Adeola Balogun