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Here's to my first article! I'm going to share how to get the Instagram-worthy OOTD photo. 

Instagram is life. If you are a deep Instagrammer who gets very OC with your feed, you would know. Some people wonder how bloggers & instagram addicts capture their photos, where do they take their pictures or how they edit it. Honestly, I keep my feed alive. Not only by posting almost all the time but with the different filters that I use. Well, for me, my theme is to have the vibe where in there are a lot of things going on. When you want that bright, colorful, adventurous kind of feed, don't stick to one filter. Experiment all you want but keep in mind to choose the right photos to post. Anyway, what I really aim to do is to share with you guys how to have the bright, instagram-worthy OOTD shot that you're going to do for your next post on IG. It's simple so continue scrolling down for more.

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When you go for a shoot, you make sure that your outfit is matched with the location. Be it contrasting or not, it must have its connection. If you're wondering how my friends & I look for places to shoot, the best place to hold photoshoots with your friends is in Fort, BGC. There are a lot of art murals and pretty backgrounds you can go to or if you want somewhere else, keep track on bloggers. Personally, I search through Style Bible, Spot.ph, Cosmo, Candy, When In Manila and a lot more. After setting a location, prepare your outfits. Bring at least two so you won't have to post 2 of the same outfit on Instagram. Choose the right OOTD, ask yourself what theme you want for this shoot, do you want to dress preppy, street style or sassy. Before that, it's important to visualize what you would look like with the chosen background/location. Does it match? Is it contrasting? Am I blending in? If you are 100% sure about everything, from head to toe, from your imagination, you go kill that photoshoot while rocking that OOTD of yours. Lastly, editing. Choose the right filter that will make it look just natural. Adjust exposure, contrast, saturation & highlights save that will make it match your feed. Then, voilà!

H & M | Manila Sundance Bazaar | Forever 21 | CMG 

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