In the Siddur, we find the words "Blessed is He who causes the dew to descend". Only in summer do we say these words. In winter, we thank G-d for the falling rain and blowing wind. The gratitude we display for such a range of weather conditions is truly beautiful. No matter what weather G-d brings us, we thank Him for it. Only sometimes, as London's warm, sunny spell is interrupted by cold showers, thankfulness isn't exactly the first thing on most people's minds.

But really, it should be.

By bringing us wind and rain just as we're getting used to warmth and light, G-d is teaching us a very important lesson. Have you ever suffered a sudden crisis? One day you're cruising along, and the next... You're on the ground. It's the sharp shock which hurts the most. Maybe a rainy day isn't quite like a bereavement, but the emotions I'm seeing today aren't that far off from those of mourners. Here we are, drenched with rain just as we were booking seaside holidays.

C'est la vie.

Life goes up and down. It's the sudden downs which get to us the most. By hurting us, G-d is fostering resilience, probably our most important trait. We can never become lax or lazy. We always need to be ready for something to happen. And most importantly of all, the lesson I'm learning today, we mustn't take anything for granted, be it our house, best friend, or even just sunny weather.

Blessed is He who causes the dew to descend.

Published by Lily Smythe