Being able to finally experience the Tony Robbins Walk on Fire seminar that I had put on my vision board so many years ago was an incredible experience. Shortly after attending, I was able to put what I have learned in action and actually  "walk on fire". Now this was life changing.


This seminar consisted of sitting in a  freezing cold room for 15 hours a day while bearing my soul out to complete strangers for four days which really ran me down. The combination of yelling, screaming, jumping, and hardly getting the chance to ingest any food to eat as we were all so caught up in the moment definitely had a strong impact on me.


Before attending the seminar it felt like I had been on this roller-coaster of go, go, go for the past month. Between working 12-hour shifts six days a week, and going on a cruise which included late nights and parties, my schedule of eating right , exercising every day and getting to sleep 8 hours a night was extremely disrupted.


Going from this hectic lifestyle into this seminar knocked me for a loop. After attending, I came home sick; so sick that I couldn't get out of bed for 5 days.


Looking from the outside-in, some people would say that I took three steps forward only to take five steps back, or that I crashed after the natural high that the seminar gave me. However, it's all about perspective and how you look at things. Some may look at the week that I spent in bed and think "wow, look she can't even stay well enough to put into effect what she learned". They would sympathize with me to the "why me/poor me" mentality. This mentality is the same one that would cause me to  stress about things that I could not change and make myself make out situations as being worse than they truly were.


However, this time,  I decided to reflect on what I learned. I chose to be grateful that it was only the flu and not a life threatening illness. I was grateful for the many things I have in my life and how lucky I was to have been blessed with this incredible gift of life.


Every day, I to some time to envision what I wanted my life to look like, even more so than usual since I had to spend so much time in bed. I spent the time to praying for a lot of people,  and also had the opportunity to write a lot more, and watch TV which is something I never do.


Did spending all that time sick in bed suck? Of course, it did. Just like everyone else, I hate to be sick since I am used to always being up and moving. Just like everyone else, I got bills that need to be taken care of, however, instead of looking at the negative I made the decision to focus on the positive.


Maybe I needed to recharge, maybe I needed to open  up so much to strangers and take in some of their energy in, maybe I needed to take better care of myself in order to prevent burning out.

I do not choose to see myself as a victim in my life. Things will happen to us within our lives that will suck, but that doesn't mean that these trials will last forever or that things will always stay the same. We must let go of that mentality.

So yes, my friends, even when bad things are happening to us and we keep getting knocked down again and again, be grateful for all you already have and know....the sun will come out your bottom dollar that tomorrow there be sun...The sun will come out tomorrow. ......let's all sing together!

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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