Precariously left shaking

beaten and broken down

scarred and naked

robbed of innocence and purity

reality thrown in your face.


Blindly being led

pushed and shoved

into acceptance, forced on the ground,

life pointing a gun at your temple

making you crawl, away


discarded, like last night's leftovers.

Scary, what can bring you to your knees.


The taste bursts

like a bite from a berry

settling in the pit of your stomach

gnawing hunger

a thirst, yearning for 

a need you can't explain.


Your soul divided

someone callin your name

confusion surrounds you

pulls you

until you feel it tingling throughout your body.


Your body yearns for peace

Your mind is spinning out of control

unraveling the very essence of your consciousness

almost like pulling a part the very fabric of a traditional reed basket.

You feel broken and unyielding

Somethins gotta give!


Screaming in your face

Back against the wall

Rise up or stay weak and fall

Gotta push harder

Gotta be tougher

What do I got to lose? 


Published by Kristen Debler