Photography by Ghayda Mirza

I’ve never been a huge fan of jewelry

but strangely it has become one of my favourite ways to express myself

well i grew up as a pretty ” plane ” girl and unfortunately i was well known for that

it never really bothered me , but being “plane” became a real issue for me when i became a teenager , it was hard for me seeing girls my age get all the attention just because they groomed themselves , unlike me who always looked like a human bear …yeah for real

 my mum would always tell me to put  some jewelry on , but i hated jewelry ( not really i pretended to because i didn’t own any) but i eventually learned to love it

yeah  ” don’t knock it till you try it ” cheers to whoever came up with this , someone said that to me ..and it literally changed my life.

i actually admit wearing jewelry really  helped with my well-being  , when i didn’t take care of myself as much , i looked like a giant bear hobo …seriously words cannot describe how big of hobo i was..

anyhow .. psychologically it really does have a huge impact on your confidence , as the human eye is attracted to shiny objects , it makes you feel confident and makes you stand out from people , wearing a single piece of bling makes you an indivisual

after only refining myself a little , i found myself trying things i never tried before ,i was  taking part in social activity ‘s , comfortable with meeting new people and not shaking for the sake of the heavens creator , guess i ended up in the glam squad for life..

Published by Ghayda Mirza