There is an exciting new app called Blingby.  It really is a great idea and just another way to shop for some of the most popular items.  

With that said, have you ever watched a video and liked what the singer was wearing, or loved the location where the video was shot? How about seeing a cool piece of furniture or falling in love with a certain type of car the actor or musician was driving during the video? I definitely have and this is probably something we all have experienced and may have even wondered where some of these products came from or what the concept was behind including them in the video or song.  

As we know, music videos have been a part of most of our lives since the 80s with the launch of MTV so these images have kind of become the norm in our lives. And with the technological boom of the Internet, smartphones, and online streaming music,video creation and online content have become more a part of our daily lives as ever. There is YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, just to name a few; however, there is now a new twist on the way we may consume videos.

There is a new website and app called Blingby, released the summer of 2016. Pronounced Bling Buy, this app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.  Now, what is Blingby you ask? It is an app specifically created to provide users purchase access and the opportunity and resources to live similar experiences to their favorite music stars. It's true. If someone spotted Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Selena Gomez wearing a specific outfit and they just had to to have it, then they would simply log on to Blingby using their laptop, tablet or #Smartphone, watch the video, research where this or something similar came from or exactly what they have on can be ordered and then presto, fans can dress similar or live like their favorite artist. It is so simple, but yet so much fun and satisfying.

While there are other shopping apps such as Amazon, ASAP54, Ebay and Zappos, this app allows you to make decisions based on an actual experience.  It's also cool because, you can watch your favorite music videos and at the same time buy the styles or even book a trip to the same places or rent the location where the video was actually made. This app really gives meaning to the popular saying "

So far, the only cons I found with  the app is that it is new so there are not as many video selections as of yet, and it mainly focuses on the current Billboard 100 videos.  Any older videos or obscure artists are not featured as of yet which can limit some options.   

Published by Judith Davis