It's been more than a week, news of exaggerated pollution level in New Delhi (capital city of India)  is a hot topic on media. The news didn't impact me much because it's a common problem after Deepawali festival  the thing that made me think over the issue is the reason given by most of the media analyst and politicians giving it a political ground that it's all due to field burning of neighboring states.

The first thing that comes to my mind, "Its a common sense which is not common to all", without looking into diversity of problem they come to conclusion. Nowadays meaning has changed for everything, once Deepawali was celebrated as a festival of lights that bring happiness and prosperity into life, now has become a festival of air and noise pollution that brings a grave danger to life and environment.

I jot down some information about the Indian firework industry, to have an insight to the problem :

* Industry estimated Rs. 2500 crore ( more than 5 times the cost of MOM of ISRO).

* Though environment awareness is increasing among masses but still firework industry is a giant  

   monster growing at a ate of 7-8% per annum.

* Sivakasi district of Tamil Nadu meets 90% of country's demand with 5% export capacity.

* Though it provide employment to 4 lakh people but plight of worker's is miserable with severe  

   respiratory diseases.

* Point of attraction due to high margin of profit with miniscule regulation.

Though there are a lot of factors that are contributing to air pollution among which field fire and firework are major factors and we all have played our role in exaggerating it.

I'm sharing this information not just to increase your repository of knowledge but also to remind you that next time whenever you will be lighting a cracker or firing your field, just recall these words.

 "Its a common sense which is not common to all".  


Reference- Business standard, The Hindu, The Indian Express


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