I have been wondering what my first post should be about. Something to hook you immediately, right? Something that, after you read it, makes you feel like you cannot wait to see what I will write next. Something that will so move you to sign up to follow my blog that before you even realize it’s happened, your fingers have clicked the ‘follow’ button.
If only I knew what that topic was.

Maybe you can tell me! What would you like to read about? I love anything metaphysical (rocks and crystals, angel and oracle cards, Big Foots and fairies. I also love books, both my own (One Brave Thing) and those of others, reading and writing. What else? So much.

And then I remembered Seinfeld. Remember him? He wrote one of the most successful TV shows in the history of sitcoms and it was about...nothing! He just wrote what about what came up in the maelstrom of daily life.

And the first couple of shows kind of sucked. He kept writing though, and the actors kept acting, and (and this is crucial) the audience kept giving him a chance. And then one day, it all didn’t suck anymore! It evolved!

This is my goal.

I am setting the bar low.

Follow me! Find out what happens!

Published by Karen Creamer