So, blogging. To be honest I'm fairly new to the world of blogging; I've recently started writing my own blog on fashion design (as I am a fashion student at the moment) mostly revolving around what projects I'm currently doing, inspiration and outcomes about it.

So, why start blogging here? Well, my way of looking at it is a small window of opportunity to talk about things not work or uni-related, which I desperately need. For anyone who knows me or has seen me around social media, I've been in fashion for a very long time, doing mostly freelance work, plus I am a known workaholic with a passion for caffeine, which means that about fifteen hours of any regular day are usually spent on design and university.

As much as I love what I do, it can be a little too much - if you don't believe me, try making a dress pattern and going over it for about three hours non-stop until it's perfect. So yeah, that's why I chose to start blogging. So basically everything I will be talking about is my own personal opinion (sometimes back up by facts) about well, anything I can think of and understand. Or reflections of things I don't. Personally I do enjoy philosophy a lot so a lot to reflect about with that.

And hopefully this way I won't go insane so soon with all my work. See you all around!

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