Comfort zones are another term for lazy zones. We define our own comfort zones, and we enjoy the routine created there. We build our boundaries. We frame our lifestyles and limit our capabilities. We establish our comfort zones to build our routine. Guess what! Routine leaves us with rotten brains.

Routine decays our desire to live. Routine transform our bodies from active cells to a semi-living barely moving creature. The best remedy ever for such disease named comfort zone is to BLOW IT UP!

In the first early school year, there was nothing but routine. Well, we could not really help it. There was no escape out of that routine except by doing some different activity after school. This was either sports or music or some arts learning thing. For me personally, I started blowing up my comfort zone in high school. When I started playing sports like a maniac. I got addictive that I even tried practicing two different sports at the same time during high school. High school in Egypt defines which college I could go to (i.e. it defines your whole life!). But I still decided to go on with that blow up mission.

In the beginning it was extremely hard. I was always exhausted, tired and anxious. However after few weeks of adapting to my new lifestyle. The old comfort zone expanded and out grew my expectations. It made me realize my real powers, and my authentic will. I have learned more about who I really am. Well, it was a tough time to blow up my comfort zone by starting two sports as a side profession. But I definitely admit it, it was worth it. It defined who I am now. It pushed me that extra mile which I thought I would never manage to go.

This school period when I tried to blow up my comfort zone by practicing sports was not only hard for me. But it was even harder for my parents. I had to go through weekly, daily and even hourly debates about my desire to go on sporting. I was blowing up everyone’s comfort zone. It was not easy. At many different points of time, I thought to give up and stop trying to bring up that change. Life was full of enough challenges, and there was no point of adding more burdens by blowing up the comfort we were living in. Honestly speaking, I am now glad that I did take that challenge to change.

Step by step, along the years, blowing up the comfort zone became a hobby! Yes, you read it right. A HOBBY. It is a a beautiful marvelous exciting wonderful encouraging habit. Every couple of years, I start something new. I enjoy the challenges, I adapt to them. On the moment that everything becomes predictable and known. I blow up the comfort zone again. I kill routine, and I work on not having a single lifestyle. Well, the more my comfort zone and lifestyle become stagnant, the more severe the explosion would come.

It might sound crazy. But it ended up with me being extremely flexible with all options. I can accept huge differences. I can define my limits, my values, and accept others easily. I find motivation in everything and know how to bring positive energy for everyone around. Simply, it makes the whole world a huge comfort zone which allows me to grasp all changes and differences in the least possible time.

My recommendation always: BLOW UP YOUR DAMNED COMFORT ZONE! It is addictive, and you would definitely love it.


Published by Abeer Ghander