That day, I left

I turned and I left

Leaving behind my happiness, with her happiness

I took with me only the moments and the memories

I took with me what was enough to help me live

I took what could fill the emptiness

I left

I learnt that I didn't belong

I learnt it the hard way

Life taught me a lesson

A brutal one, I must say

I walked to nowhere

Walked until I couldn't anymore

I stopped somewhere

Fell on the ground and curled

For the last time, I cried my heart out

I cried till I was out of breath

I stood up and walked the rest

When I reached somewhere far,

I looked around

My feet brought me to the same place

It was painful

It was beautiful

Maybe it was time to start again,

Life giving me another chance

Maybe I wasn’t to blame;

Fate was

Published by Zainab Kousar