Hello my lovelies!

As a fan of shirts and jeans I decided to make this outfit my next post, I mean, my current post! I am so lost in time these days, Summer is pretty much gone and I feel it was like only yesterday when Summer break began. Enough of these rumblings, here’s why I think this outfit is both casual and stylish at the same time.



Shirts have the power to transform your outfit into something more serious and elegant, while, jeans make everything seem casual and easy going. Although I think boyfriend jeans do that better than skinny ones because they can sometimes look, kind of, more stylish, especially if worn with heels. But, at the same time everything looks different (better) with heels, the boyfriend jeans aren’t exception. Nevertheless, jeans & shirts are my favorite items combined together.



I just couldn’t resist to make some black and white photographs. My photographer even said I look like a real model, it made me so happy. Also, do you see how she made my contour look! I just stood there and look like I didn’t know we could pulled this of. The reason I adore black & white photographs, clothes, whatever, you name it, is because it is so timeless-and-vintage looking. Like they could last a lifetime. 



For the rest of these photos and a blog post, obviously, also as for the details of my outfit, visit my blog www.queenBsdiary.wordpress.com


What do you think about this outfit, does it make you feel like it’s both casual and stylish? Do you often wear shirt with jeans or just with pants and skirts? If you liked this blog post be sure to like it, share it with your friends (and family) and follow my blog to be updated when I publish something new!

Lots of love, BS 



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