I love Kingston. From the moment I stepped foot in this glorious city, I knew I was destined to stick around for a while and explore as much as I can in terms of what it has to offer. Luckily, that list is pretty infinite.

Yesterday I decided that I would go for a quick stroll after work and head down to the Lake Ontario waterfront. The weather was truly beautiful today, and after spending most of it indoors, I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to squeeze in some quality sunshine time! So, I sped through the Queen’s University campus and headed for the water.

The waterfront is perhaps one of my favourite things about Kingston. Of all the lakes and oceans I’ve seen, there is just something magical about standing at the edge of Kingston and looking out towards Wolfe Island nearby. I can look one way and envision my life in Toronto, and look another and see the life around me here that I have begun to build. And I love being in a place that allows me to embrace and appreciate both.

Since it was only about 5pm, the waterfront was not overly crowded, and was rather quiet when standing right at the base of land overlooking the water. The sun was out, and I could feel the rays on my shoulders (I haven’t been outside much this spring yet due to my workload). Even a few minutes of peace and sunshine were enough to inspire me to capture a few photos, and even do a mini self-portrait session next to one of the places I love most.

I’m sure there were people who thought it strange that I was using my backpack as a makeshift tripod, but when you’re looking to capture a good photo, it really doesn’t matter who’s looking!

If you look closely, you can most certainly tell that I am squinting since the sun was in my eyes!

I didn’t hang around the water for too long, as it was still very hot and I made the smart decision to wear all black to work. I did, however, get to spend just enough time outside to appreciate how lucky I am to be where I am. I work hard for little moments like these.

The only thing I failed to remember was the uphill walk back home. Oops. Still worth that amazing view, though!

Published by Ashley Newton