You're a vision,
As the fabric of your pink skirt
About your thighs, 
Blushing at the thought
Of touching 
Your mahogany skin. 

And your teeth shine - 
But not as brightly as your eyes - 
As you grin 
At me. 
And in your smile
I see
The girl you once were
And the woman you have become
And the goddess you are 
To me. 

When you ask
What I'm staring at,
I tell you, 
And I know that you know 
I'm lying. 
But you would have laughed
If I had said
I was looking at the whole world. 

I say it anyway
And you laugh at me. 
It's the most beautiful sound 
I have ever heard
And I blush at the thought
Of touching
Your mahogany skin.

Published by Erica Roberts