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Yes, I don’t have a flat stomach. Yes, my tummy folds when I sit or bend. Yes, I have semi-bat wings. And yes, my thighs do touch each other when I stand up and when I sit they look massive as if they have been blown up with something. And yes to probably many more things which some girls are killing themselves for.

To be honest, I was a bit like those girls. Trying to find a way to get rid of my chunky thighs, searching for the fastest way to get killer abs or the perfect bikini body, and looking at pictures of models with “perfect” bodies wishing I could just wake up with their features without even having to work for it. Hello, don’t get me wrong, I still partially am one of those girls, I end up on the craziest sites promoting (and a bit promising) such model bodies if you follow their “trick”, but I realised something.

Today, when I looked at my naked reflection on the mirror, I realised that there isn’t a single thing that is stopping me from being happy with my figure or anything preventing me from wearing my favourite bikini. Even with my imperfections, I was perfect (and don’t know how to say this without sounding cocky – but the way I looked was what many people strive for). There is always room for improvement; that is key. But the thing I realised is that there is no reason not to love who you are and how you look like on the way to your goal. My goal being getting rid of as much of my belly fat as possible, but I got to accept that I look good the way I am right now. Obviously I will look better and feel more fit once I achieve my goal, but as I looked in the mirror, I got to see that I still looked confident in the body I am in.

Just because I accept the current state of my body does not mean that I will not work for a better one! Because such acceptance would defy the purpose of this whole realisations. So time to wear that bikini I hid in my drawer months ago and off to do some crunches.

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