Boldness for Christ.  Would you know it if you saw it? Consider it. How often do we see it? Would you mistake it for something else?


Christ spoke boldly to those who did not know Him. They doubted His integrity and His motives. They quickly judged Him and felt He was being arrogant and blasphemous, trying to make a name for Himself. 


Their pride would not allow them to accept Him because He was not one of them. He was a carpenter. They were astounded that He could even read. They did not know how much He loved them and would soon give His life for them.


They could not get past their own judgment and pride to hear His voice.  They only saw flesh and an outsider they knew nothing of. Yet, before them was the Word and the Word was God.



How often do we as Believers treat newcomers as interlopers.  We want them to be low-key because we were there first. Maybe we don't trust them or find them intimidating, unorthodox and too eager,  which makes us uncomfortable.  We compare their behavior to that which we feel best fits our needs.


But, the Word of God says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first in the Kingdom.   Where does our personal world fit into the Kingdom of God?


We are spiritual beings who are to be led by the spirit- - not pride. Pride comes in many forms and hardens the heart and blinds the eye. It will allow us to become intimidated and judgmental of those we do not know. God sends people into our midst to test just that.


God is not looking for people to meet your expectations.  He is looking for people to SAVE. He has looked beyond their faults and seen their needs.  He has given them the mind to come into the fold. They are often driven away by self- righteous Believers who believe they should be just like them or change instantaneously. They are ridiculed and chastised instead of loved and guided.



Jesus spoke boldly because He loved the children of God but yet they could not see or receive His love because their hearts were hardened. He did not conform to their protocol, prejudices, religion and tradition, but it was that which He came to save them from.


When you meet someone new,  what will you see and hear?  Will you judge a woman speaking boldly differently from a man speaking boldly? Instead of being Zealous for God,  do we see women as attention getters, trying to impress? Will you feel and see the Holy Spirit and the love of God within them or will they first have to meet your expectations and behave in the manner you would have them to behave?


Just because people are new, doesn't mean the Holy Spirit does not dwell in them and they are not led by God to speak boldly.  Let us examine ourselves lest Satan divide and conquer and drive people away.


How can we  help to build the Kingdom if we judge and discourage and miss God's blessings because we are chained to perception- -what we choose to perceive, like and dislike?

Instead of expecting others to meet our expectations, let us shine our Light of Love first,  expecting nothing in return, yet having all confidence in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, lifting up the name and power of Jesus to draw all men unto God. 


By and to the Glory of God,  

your servant,  





Published by Mishael T