So Last week I went for a little holiday to Bolton, Manchester with my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend to see some Family, and also to go watch a Autumn Ruin play for their EP Launch. I had an AMAZING! time, it was so nice to spend time with our family.

On Wednesday, which was the day we left home to travel up, we arrived late to our hotel, so we just went to bed, and started our little Holiday on Thursday.

So it was Thursday and it was the day of the show, and I was so excited to see them. Once we had gotten ready and dressed we headed downstairs to meet my brother and his girlfriend for breakfast. We ate our breakfast in a pub called The Behive Pub and the breakfast was really good and we were all really inpressed, and it did fill us up for the rest of the day. So after our Breakfast we headed back to our rooms to get our stuff together and head into Bolton Town center. We had plans to meet our Family for some a drink and a catch up in a little cafe called Panda Cafe (i think its called that but  I cant remember excatly But its so good), it was like a little independant cafe which was like starbucks and I love starbucks so I was gonna love that (if you ever go to Bolton, I definetly recommed going there). But before we met them we looked around the town, my dad and my brother bought a few things, But me and Bobbie my brothers girlfriend really wanted to go to Build A Bear Workshop (haha), but they dont have one in Bolton, but they did in Manchester.We met our family and had a good catch up, but what i havent told you is that our family that we met up with are not actually our family but they are very close to us, but the lead singer of Autumn Ruin (Alastair C) is like a Brother to me (but i call him Fate so if i write fate i mean Alastair), so that was that was the family we were meeting, Fate and His Mum who is also very close to me.

So we went back to the hotel and rested for a bit, until we met Fates Mum and sister, for dinner in a authentic Chinese restaurant before the EP launch, the restaurant was brilliant and the show, well it was brillant, i have some videos from it (the audio isnt the best) but it shows their amazing talent that they have. If you some time, go check them out!! you wont be dissapointed. After the show we headed back to the Hotel ready for Home. — <<1st video>> — <<2nd video>>

On friday, we woke up early and grabed some breakfast and went home, it was such an amazing trip and i want to thank all my family who went with me for making it happy and also I want to thank Susannah, Hannah and Alastair for just making the trip complete.

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