It’s currently June in South Africa and that means it’s Winter but we know that some followers are in the North Hemisphere and that means SUMMER TIME!!! * woot woot*

So there are some point to have a good one:

1. Remember to pack your oils and balms because your skin is exposed to constant air conditioning whilst flying. A very clean face and some good moisturiser will prevent your skin from getting dehydrated.

2. Taking a vacation is an amazing opportunity for beauty treatments as you finally can really take the time out to apply all of your favourite treatments and relax while they get to work.

3. We recommend taking face masks, self-tan, body scrubs and luxurious body butters with you.

4. Whilst I am away, I always buy local honey. Not only is it great in your morning tea, it also works really well if you get bitten or have allergies. You can also use it as a soothing mask on your skin after too much sun exposure (just add a little Aloe Vera gel). Stir the aloe and honey together and apply over your face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Aloe soothes inflammation and calms your skin, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

5. When it comes to self-tan we recommend wash off products- they are great as they tend to be blunder proof and there’s no commitment. They are a great way of easing yourself into tanning and perfect to give you a goddess glow before you hit that beach. If you want a subtle look you can just mix some into your usual body butter.

6. To prevent compacts from breaking in your bag, put a cotton ball or cotton pad inside the lid.

7. Finally, switch to a new fresh scent for the summer and that way when you catch that aroma afterwards it will automatically transport you back to happy holiday times.


Don't forget to have fun!


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