Something that my mother-in-law often reminded me of when I was pregnant was the importance of daddy-baby bonding. Even though we'd known that I would be going back to work so I would have to pump at some point, she always told me to pump so my husband would have the chance to feed our boy as well. Food is love, remember?


After our son was born, I won't even lie, I did mostly everything. Not because my husband refused or didn't want to but because I'm an insane control freak. I love doing things by myself. My thought is that, if I do it, I know it'll be done correctly. That's probably a little bit skewed (or a lotta bit skewed), but I usually stick to it. Obviously, he doesn't mind. Typically.


However, I did my best to make sure our boy  got plenty of time to love on his daddy. In due time (much to my surprise, truthfully), he wanted us both very equally. Once he was old enough to roll over, it was Daddy that he went to once he woke up. After his big "good morning, Mama!" smile, he liked to paw at Daddy's beard.


Now, don't let that fool you. We have a full-blown mama's boy on our hands... I had to say that. He totally has days where he wants nothing to do with me and he only wants my husband. Those days break my heart... Who's spoiled here?


Anyway, my goal here is to remind fathers out there that the newborn stage is not only for moms. Here are some awesome ways for dad to bond with new babies :


Cuddling! - Holding a baby close, letting them feel your body heat and hear your heartbeat, makes them feel comfortable. That's definitely something you want your baby to be around you : comfortable.


Take the night shift - This is a win-win situation, right here. Mom gets some much needed rest and you get some alone time with your tiny babe. All of those new diapers and full bellies will surely instill some positive feelings.


Soothe away their tears - It's a mother's first instinct to hop to it when their little ones cry. On occasion, make sure to take a turn. Singing to, walking around with, or gently rocking your baby will teach them that Mama isn't the only one who can make them feel better.


Be silly - Start small (goofy faces to get a smile) and move up to peekaboo when they're old enough. Everyone loves the funny guy.


Try a baby massage - Guys, what's the best way to soothe your lady after a long, stressful day? A foot massage, right? Nothing makes a woman happier than a massage. When your baby is quiet and happy, try gently rubbing their little legs, belly, arms, and ck for 10-15 minutes.


Special play time - Set aside some time during the day to play with your baby. Play time once Daddy gets home is a fantastic thing to look forward to.


Take a sick day - If your baby gets ill, take some time off to stay home and comfort them. It's important that they know Daddy is there for them when they don't feel good, not just Mama.


Photo credit goes to my mother-in-law, who caught this super cute picture of my husband and son watching Home, my son's FAVORITE movie.

Published by Kylee Ellis