Put the clothes away
until you're just a skeleton
until you're just muscles and tendons
then tell me who you are
speak for yourself
no superficial shallow introductions
no small talk
just us, one on one.

Tell me about the time
about how you had to use
a synthetic leg to walk
how you begged your father to stay
when he walked away
how the kids at school
left you out
it was a torture everyday
how it seemed to never end
until your mother dies one day
when you were 16
and you had to learn
to fend for yourself.

Then came your first girlfriend
yes she was beautiful
you loved her
you would do anything for her
but she marries an actor
a famous fat cat
unlike the ordinary farmboy you are;
you have an ambition
you want to be a doctor
but your dreams are crushed
feed yourself first
so work, work, work.
Your dog dies,
it was old
but you've been together ever since.

Tell me when you almost gave up
how you winced in pain
when you brought the razor
against your skin
a gush of dark red blood oozed out
and you were so scared
you changed your mind.

Tell me all this
everything and in between;
it just needs a little sheddin
you don't have to hide behind a smile
I can see it in your eyes


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo