I was kindly sent a free copy of ' Reflections: An Exploration of Self Through Colouring, Mindfulness and Focus'  from the author Tracy Badau.  It's a mixture of both self-help and colouring book:

Many of our lives today are filled with stresses. Negative thinking, worries about work, the future, the past, whatever it is, there are plenty of things that stress us. Many have taken to colouring as a way to deal with it. The act of colouring brings peace to the mind and calms us and while there are a wealth of colouring books out there, Tracy Badau’s Reflections is different. This book is more than just a colouring book, it’s also filled with many wonderful techniques to become a calmer, happier you.

This book is an amazing combination of a colouring book and a self-help book. As a colouring book this is slightly wider and shorter than A4, around the size and thickness of Millie Marotta or Johanna Basford’s books. The pages are crisp white and a good thickness. While they are printed on both sides of the paper some pens could work well, though I cannot comment further as I use pencils . Each of the designs is different, as if different artists drew them. There are circular mandala images, paisley designs, flowers, animals, such as a butterfly, a peacock, a penguin, a dog, etc. Some of the pictures are more detailed than others but none of them are too simple and there are enough designs for many hours of colouring.

Spread out among the pictures for colouring are short chapters where the author gives ways of dealing with stresses and negative thinking, based on her own learned techniques. Unlike many self-help books I’ve read, these are simple and easy to read and understand. The techniques don’t involve a lot of ritual and anybody can do them. There is a lot of great advice and because the chapters are short you don’t feel yourself reading piles of text just to know how to de-stress. Many of the techniques use visualization and while I’ve done this before, Tracy Badau’s method is far less complicated and it’s really easy to get into a calm place while imagining something. I particularly enjoy the technique called ‘Cultivating Your Inner Garden’, which I have done many times and to great effect.

Among the chapters and pictures there are also quotes throughout this book. Chapters start with a quote and sometimes pages of colouring will be separated with longer quotes. Every quote is inspirational and motivational. I really enjoy reading these alone as it makes me feel better about myself and my day.

I really do enjoy using this book. I have tried the techniques and they really do work, I have found myself feeling incredibly calm and relaxed. I have also found myself feeling more confident and happier about my day and my life thanks to the techniques that aim to rid you of negative thinking. All the advice in this book is so easy to understand and do and the quotes and colouring are just wonderful. I would pick this book up alone as just a colouring book, given just how detailed and how many beautiful images there are to colour, but with all the extra information to help calm and de-stress you, I just think this book is amazing and well worth buying!


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