I happened to write this directly after starting a new book last night. I savored the experience, stopped for a moment and breathed it in. All  just for research, of course. Just for research. 
Oh I don't know why I even try. 
There's just something about the beginning of a book. Something that causes me to snuggle deeper in my bed. Something that causes tingles to warm my heart, curls my toes, vibrates my very soul. At that instant, the few breaths of opening the book and reading the first few lines, the possibilities are endless. At that sliver of a second where you flip to a prologue or a Chapter One, you are holding the world at your finger tips.
That feeling is intoxicating.
I still feel it every time I crack open a book. 
I still feel it when I tap on my eReader.
It's like a drug. And honestly? I don't need help. 

Published by Jinan H