I guess you could call it that. I finished both of the books that I started over the summer. (I know what you're thinking, it took you that long to read 2 books? And yes it did because life got busy). Anyway I decided to go to the library before work and get one of the books that was recommended, instead of reading one of the books that are sitting on my shelf at home. So I get to the library and go directly to the computer to look on their catalog. (If I did this at home it would have saved me a lot of time. Oh well). They didn't have the one I wanted. So I looked for another one. Didn't have that one either. I looked for two others with the same results. I did wind up getting a book that's on one of my lists, but I was disappointed. I have a couple other libraries that I can try once I finish the one that I just got. What are you reading right now?

Published by Nichole Quade