Guess what tonight's blog is about for I'm sure that the title gave no hint (implemented wink emoji).

If I were to ask you where your heaven on earth is, I predict that you have it pictured in your mind. I think it's safe to say that we all have that certain place. Some of you may be envisioning white sandy beaches with crystal clear teal waters. Some may be placing themselves out in the great outdoors, tent set up under the starry dark skies while a fire crackles in the blissful silence. Some may be cooking away in their bells and whistles kitchens, double ovens and every gadget needed to create taste bud teasing treats. The scents of sweet vanilla or spicy cinnamon intertwining in the air.

Well, today as I was reading a few of Stephen King's masterpieces, it hit me on what I was going to blog about this late evening, or extremely early morning depending on where you reside. My heaven on earth, or in my language, Barnes and Nobles. Yeah, yeah... I know what you're thinking, she's a giant nerd... Yes I Am!!!! Seriously though, allow me a few moments to explain why such a seemingly ordinary place is my little piece of bliss.

First off it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that a bookstore would be my heaven or at least on my top list, I am a writer and such a career choice usually stems from being a bookworm. Words are my art and while inspiration comes from every back alley of this beautiful world, books are my main igniter when I'm starting a new project. I am somewhat predictable in certain aspects of my life, people who know me know this and this is one of those aspects. They say that there's a Starbucks on every corner and there is. There is also one in every Target and Barnes and Nobles, which happen to be two of my favorite places. Coffee while you shop, gotta love it. Anyways, I mention this because this is the first stop on my earthly heaven tour. A venti caramel latte (unless it's holiday season, then outside my predictability I go) and then perusing through the aisles of paperback and hardcover lives. Actually I lied, the first thing I do is take in a deep breath as I enter the bookstore, gettin' that fix of paper and ink. Yes I know, but what can I say, my coffee is my liquid crack and that bookstore scent is my breathable crack.

I know that for some a trip to any bookstore is just a quick in and out (now I'm thinking about burgers and fries, Cali residents will get this ) mission to purchase a certain book. Not me, even if I have a certain book I want to purchase it's never a 10 minute venture. Nope, this is leisurely stroll down hundreds of authors minds, be it fiction or non fiction. And that's why this is my heaven on earth, every book is a piece of art created by a human. A human who took a piece of their heart and mind and transformed them into a physical, readable piece of art. Books are gateways into those human portals. It's not just about  evenly spaced out ink on paper stock that's bound together and covered with a title and a name. It's about shelves upon shelves that hold tales from around the globe. Each book is a different escape tunnel into another world.

While you see mere books labeled with a price tag, I see a glowing door into the mind of a fellow author.

So, where's your heaven on earth?


Published by Derra Sabo