No Time for Goodbye? Does that mean a lot of time for Bad Byes? Hehehehehehehe.

Moving on from the terrible joke (Which is still making me laugh btw), I’ll be writing a book recommendation for No Time for Goodbye. As mentioned in the previous article, I’ll be covering books I believe are not as well known.

No Time for Goodbye is an amazing book. It is deft, smart, simple and unconventional. On the surface, the plot looks incredibly daft.

Cynthia returns home from a date she wasn’t supposed to go to, and the next morning she wakes up in her house alone. Her parents and her younger brother have all disappeared by sunrise. She exits her room, searches her house for her parents but there is no sign of them. She thinks they were angry and left her, but by lunch she becomes sure that isn’t the case. Where did they go? Killed? Abducted? Ran away? And why was she left? Why not her as well?

Fast forward twenty five years into the future. Cynthia is a grown woman, with a husband and a daughter and these questions still haunt her. She does a TV show about it but even then the answers are nowhere to be found.

On first thought, there are twenty reasons one can give why this plot will fail. For one, it’s very easy for the solution to be so simple that it seems foolish not to have thought of it, like all of them running away for her safety for some reason or dying at the hands of a crazy gangster or some freak accident. Or maybe Cynthia has some rare form of a mental illness.

It felt so easy to just term it as a clichéd run of the mill thriller by reading its summary but wow! Honestly, this book is nothing like that. It is completely unexpected in its plot, smart, pacy and surprising. When I finished the book, I marvelled at the twists this book has, all the way till the last chapter, and the simplicity with which such a farfetched idea was pulled off without a hitch. Amazing!

Along with the plot, and the way it is handled, the book feels like a noir/neo-noir. You have a fair guess on how and why things are happening but you can’t pinpoint it without making a few assumptions.

The characters are simple. They have simple motivations to act and have no layers and layers of philosophical bullshit or issues regarding existence. They all have a job they have to do. There are no treasures or regards waiting these character, except finally understanding what happened the night Cynthia’s family disappeared and maybe saving themselves and the people they love.

I picked this book up, read it for two hours, kept it back, came back after four to read it again and then kept it down when I finished it. This is a book you’ll enjoy reading in a single burst so as to not miss any detail or any action whatsoever. And a book you’ll find yourself setting the benchmark for many such thrillers you will read after.


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