A Gift from Greensboro is a stunning poem written by Quraysh Ali Lansana that tells the story of an interracial friendship in the 1970’s. Two boys, one white and one black, spend their summer riding bikes and eating at the lunch counter at Woolworth’s, despite a environment of historic division engulfing them. Years later, when the Woolworth’s is about to close, a mug is bought to commemorate the history that happened in those seats, the positive change that was made. I love the emotional concept of the mug, the friendship that it represents and the history that it embodies; the sit-ins, the protests, the heartache, the years of work to allow two boys to sit together at a lunch counter and eat in peace. The bold illustrations by Skip Hill intersperse moments of childhood innocence with acts of protest. Ketchup is poured on hands at a sit in, while two kids eat at the counter together years later.